Preschoolers are always learning. When they observe, touch, see and smell-they are learning. It is a never ending part of their young lives. This 'learning' is a big reason why it is important for children to experience new things and new environments. We all celebrate our special occasions, birthday and festivals throughout the year in our own ways. Events and Celebrations bring different colours of joy and happiness with them. We at The Blue Umbrella Preschool and Activity centre  celebrate all occasions aiming to inculcate the cultural values in our children. It's also a platform to develop their relation with their teachers, and peer group. Fun is an integral part of everything we do at school and every moment is a celebration here. Our children just don't celebrate, they become part of it. Below is a broad overview of the various events and celebrations .Thus we put a lot of effort into organizing many types of field trips, celebrations and events that allow children to participate actively in their school community.

The various events are :

Republic and Independence day celebrations: Children celebrate these national days with lot of enthusiasm. A special fancy dress is organized in the school where tiny tots dress as the little soldiers or national leaders of the defence forces. They also dance to the tunes of patriotic songs

Colour Days: Here a specific day is decided upon to celebrate the various colours of life. Both students and teachers come dressed in the particular colour. Parents are encouraged to send snacks of the same colour.

Festival celebrations: All the major festivals such as Id, Christmas and Diwali are celebrated by all the children with full fervor. This is to instill a sense of the various traditions and culture of India.

Salad days: Healthy food eating is an integral part of the teaching. A day is fixed wherein the children bring in a fruit or vegetable and then a salad is made accordingly by them. They make and eat it too!!

Market day: here the school outdoor environment is created like market place. This is to help the children understand the buying and selling patterns.

Picnics and Field visits: Here the children are taken for a day’s outing. We usually go to the park, post office, fire station etc.

Sports day: where children demonstrate they physical capabilities. Each and every child is awarded something to instill a spirit of sportsmanship in them.

Annual Day is a day looked forward to by all the parents. Here the children showcase their various talents in dance and drama. All the activities which run in the evenings also showcase their skills here.