Our Crèche is a facility which is used by our little ones who are at The Blue Umbrella Preschool and also other school going children. Parents who live in the vicinity have felt this need and therefore our crèche is more a matter of convenience for working parents and we are happy to supplement this need.

We have hand-picked the people who supervise and take care of the children in the crèche.

The facilities we provide for children are - proper sleeping arrangements for the children to rest during noon times and warming facilities during the lunch period. Children are made to wash and clean themselves once they return from school. Our staff supervises this everyday. The numbers at our crèche is limited, as we believe that every child needs the importance that they would otherwise get at home. Our crèche is – ‘Home away from home’

The crèche at The Blue Umbrella Preschool is a clean, comfortable and hygienic environment along with child friendly staff. Our timings are from 8.45 am to 7.30 pm five days of the week (from Monday to Friday), on important government holidays, the crèche will be closed, however on request from the parents we are flexible